Friday at Tahrir Square – Egypt’s Revolution Is Not Yet Finished

Friday is the day of prayers. It is also THE day of protests and demonstrations. Today we joined the people at Tahrir Square in Cairo. They were celebrating: The prime minister – appointed by Mubarak just before his demission – was replaced by Essam Sharaf. Sharaf is highly respected by the people. He resigned Mubarak’s government in protest in 2005 and joined the people revolution early.


People are very friendly and welcomed us more than once to the “New Egypt and New Cairo”. It was easy to get in touch and talk to them. They are very much aware that the revolution is not finished yet. One of their next goals is to dismantle State Security. While it was peaceful in Cairo, we just found out through Twitter, that State Security is RIGHT NOW using live ammunition in Alexandria against people. It is said that the Egyptian army arrests State Security members who shot.


In the following interview, Saad – a young Egyptian I met at the square – talks about cruelties committed by the State Security: