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Our first converstaion on 2stars4peace in Ammann
Posted on 2011/05/08 by Ulrike Reinhard
TweetThe day we arrived in Ammann we’ve met with Betsy Fisher and some of her friends from England and Akrum from Jordan … In a nice little cafe we chatted about 2 stars4peace and why it could/could not work … … Continue reading →


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Impressions from Israel
Posted on 2011/03/16 by Dirk Spannaus
TweetThree and a half days in Israel can only give you a glimpse of the Israel’s point of view (as if there would be only one). What I understood form our several meetings and interviews: Of course all of the … Continue reading →


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Meeting students at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Be’er Sheva
Posted on 2011/03/14 by Dirk Spannaus
TweetSunday, 6th of March 2011 – Be’er Sheva, Israel On our trip through Israel the first stop was Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of Negev in Be’er Sheva. That’s where Martine Rothblatt, author of the book, presented the 2stars4peace idea in May … Continue reading →


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Still Small Voices
Posted on 2011/03/11 by Ulrike Reinhard
TweetI think this project perfectly adds to our ideas … It aims to – increase cultural tolerance and understanding of Palestinian and American audiences by honoring and sharing human stories and – empower artists from Palestinian and American origin to … Continue reading →


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Interview with Martine Rothblatt – “Two Stars for Peace” just another US approach?
Posted on 2011/02/22 by Dirk Spannaus
TweetUlrike interviewed Martine lately about the “Two Stars for Peace” idea. It covers some of the most obvious questions: Is it just another US approach? Why should Israel or Palestinian people be interested in supporting that approach? How would 2 … Continue reading →


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